Mountain Villages Circuit

We have routed this round various of the little villages which are dotted here and there throughout the mountains in Almeria.

They are small rural communities where nothing much happens very slowly and they don't see a tourist pretty much ever.

If you want to stop in any of them there will be some little bar to refresh yourself usually found near the church or whatever passes for the town square.

La Sierra Espuna - The High Wilderness

La Sierra Espuna Regional Park is a protected 25,000 hectare mountain area clad in pine forest. 

It has some 20 peaks above 1000 meters and takes its name from the highest, Espuna Mountain, which is over 1500 meters above sea level. 

The transfer time from Base is 60-75 minutes which puts you in the foothills. The rest is up to you.

Velefique: Medium

This route takes in the best climb in the area - Velefique. You'll start at the cafe in Tabernas, taking in the many deserted switchbacks and breathtaking scenery.

Cabo Cope Puntas de Calnegre


Saw Teeth Mountains

The Calar Alto is on this ride. It was part of the 11th Stage of La Vuelta 2017. 

Calar Alto translates as High Set which is a clue to what awaits you. But why an odd name like this?

This route takes you up into La Sierra de Los Filabres which translates colloquially as Saw Teeth Mountains. 

The old way to sharpen a saw was to 'set' the teeth.

Lovely Lucainena

The half-way point on this ride is Lucainena de Las Torres which is listed as Uno de Los Pueblos Más Bonitos de España (One of Spain's Most Beautiful Villages).

It's worth pausing to look around. You will be pretty much guaranteed to be the only tourists in town.

If you want refreshments you will find good things at either of its two bar/restaurants Rincón Minero or Mesón La Plaza.

Agua Amarga


Cuevas del Almanzora

This route is the "Medio Fondo" of the Gran Fondo Costa Almería.

A route so good, Lotto Jumbo train these exact roads during their winter training camps.