You’re invited

Never heard of Almeria? 

Interested in discovering some of the best cycling country in Europe?

Looking for a new destination to take your customers?

Like to get paid to visit it?

Read on

Okay, that may seem a pretty cheesey marketing pitch but we are genuine people, it really is a wonderful place and this is a serious offer so please read on.

We are Velo Hols.

We are UK based and operate guided ride packages in Almeria which is a province of Andalucia on the Mediterranean in Southern Spain.

If you don't know us you will probably not have heard of Almeria as we are pretty much the only outfit in the UK who offer this destination. If you want to enjoy brilliant cycling in undiscovered country have a look at this video from our guest Ollie Bridgewood (Global Cycling Network) and our website to get an idea of what the area is like.

After hosting outfits such as Le Col who used Almeria for their location shoots, Cycling Weekly who came and fell in love with the place as you can see from Ollie’s video and groups from cycling shops & clubs in our area (Hampshire & London) who have had great times we are contacting cycle shops further afield to see if interest in hosting a group.

We have known Almeria for years as we have a place there and there's hardly a road in this big beautiful rural province we haven't ridden. It's such great cycling country that a couple of years ago we set up Velo Hols and we are finding that people rate it as much as we do. Our business so far has come through personal contacts and word of mouth but there's obviously a limit to how many we can reach like this which is why we're sending this message round to make contact with more people like us. 

We are asking if anyone in your club or shop is interested in forming and leading a Velo Hols group.

The incentive is:

  • A free half-board 4* hotel stay for the trip

  • Free return airport transfers airport transfers

  • £50 per head commission on bookings

The benefit to the group is that they have great cycling in a place that is undiscovered by UK cyclists.

As you can see from our website we have bike-friendly beachfront hotel accommodation and seriously good routes all ready to go.

Also there is a major Gran Fondo event next May. We already have several groups signed up for it. This international race was inaugurated last spring and was a great success which we liked even more when the Velo Hols group ride captain, Dan Kogan of Sigma Sports in Surrey, was the winner! All the signs are that the 2019 event is going to be even bigger and better

Almeria really is an amazing place for cycling. 

We wouldn't be wasting our time or yours if we didn't genuinely believe that so if you or anyone in your club or shop would like to consider exploring all that it has to offer.

Please get in touch via our site or you can chat to us directly via Facebook messenger