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Lotto Jumbo training camp ride

135km in length with 3,043m of climbing.

The Lotto Jumbo winter training camp route is simply that good, you'll feel like a pro by the end of the day.

This route is a great distance at 135km with 3,043metres of climbing meaning a base level of fitness is recommended prior to taking this on.

Warm up the legs as you rolling along the coast heading south before turning in land and starting the climb up into Bédar - a sensible stop for refills of food and drinks on a hot day.

On the climbs you'll see teammates almost vertically up above you and down in the valley as the road snakes through the countryside.

Take a few photos and catch your breath before the exhilarating 45km descent. As always, be aware of sharp switchbacks, terrain and the road surface which sometimes includes gravel.

Lunch spot on this ride is Cuevos del Amanzora, well over halfway meaning you can enjoy a main course and dessert a little more.  Fantastic value here with food and a drink for approx. €10.

Lotto Jumbo training camp ride


The climb up to Bedar