We have used our knowledge gathered from over 10 years of experience to produce the best possible routes for maximum enjoyment.  Here are a few examples of great rides you can enjoy.

The routes and general area are yet to be discovered by the masses.

A simple comparison of Strava segments shows that in 2017:

- 67 people per day had ridden Sa Calobra in Majorca.

- 2 people per day had ridden Alto de Velefique in Almería.


Lucainena de Las Torres is around the half way point of this ride and is listed as Uno de Los Pueblos Mas Bonitos de Espana (one of Spain's most beautiful villages) so we thought we'd name it in honour of this lovely little place.

  • Distance: 123.7km

  • Elevation gain: 2,195m

  • Max elevation: 15.1%


The Sierra de Bedar is our lovely local mountain range. The highest peaks are Maimón (1188 meters) and Mezquita (1009 meters). It lies at the eastern end of the vast and majestic Sierra de Los Filabres (Saw Teeth Mountains - so named because of the shape of some of them) which form the backbone of Almeria and whose highest point is over 2000 meters where the air is so clear that the largest telescope in Europe scans the skies from the Calar Alto Observatory.

  • Distance: 82.9km

  • Elevation gain: 1,532m

  • Max elevation: 17.8%


Feel like getting high? This ride takes you there. It goes out past Mojacar Pueblo and through the country and then climbs the Sierra de Bedar and across the high valley to the village of Uleila del Campo.

  • Distance: 174.3km

  • Elevation gain: 3,508m

  • Max elevation: 17.2%


Rock on. The Alto de El Cantal is a towering rock right by the sea which rises suddenly out of the plain and in its domination of the landscape seems much higher than its 385 meters.  It's just over half way round this ride. Climbing it gives vistas forever inland and descending offers spectacular views of the coast.

  • Distance: 147.7km

  • Elevation gain: 2,186m

  • Max Elevation: 17%


This warm up ride meanders along the coast to Mirador de la Granatilla via a fantastic tapas bar in a pretty little village nestled just outside Mojacar. The route turns back on after Carboneras, part of Nature Reserve of Cabo de Gata-Níjar. One of the most arid protected areas in Europe and the only with a coast in the whole of Andalucía.

  • Distance: 47.1km

  • Elevation gain: 789m

  • Max Elevation: 14%